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U.S. Male

U.S. Male Now, I'm a U.S. Male 'cause I was born In a Mississippi town on a Sunday morn Now Mississippi just happens to occupy a place In the southeastern portion of this here United States Now that's a matter of fact, buddy And you know it well So I just call myself the U.S. Male That's M-A-L-E, son. That's me! Now I said all that to say all this I've been watchin' the way You've been watchin' my miss For ...

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Up Above My Head

Up Above My Head Up above my head there is music in the air Up above my head there is music in the air Up above my head there is music in the air, oh yeah! And I really do believe, I really do believe I really do believe there's a heaven somewhere There's a heaven somewhere     [jwplayer player="1" mediaid="13407"] دانلود _________________________________ اطلاعات: شاعر و آهنگساز:   Brown تاریخ ضبط ...

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Until It’s Time for You to Go

Until It's Time for You to Go You're not a dream You're not an angel You're a woman I'm not a king, I'm a man, Take my hand We'll make a space In the lives that we planned And here we'll stay Until it's time for you to go Yes, we're diff'rent worlds apart We're not the same We laughed and played At the start like in a game You could have stayed Outside my heart But in you came And here you'll stay Until it' ...

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Unchained Melody

Unchained Melody Oh, my love, my darling I've hungered for your touch, a long lonely time And time goes by, so slowly and time can do so much Are you, still mine? I need your love, I need your love God speed your love to me Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea To the waiting arms of the sea Lonely rivers cry, wait for me, wait for me To the open arms, wait for me My love, my darling, I've hungered for ...

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