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Hey Little Girl


Hey Little Girl

Hey little girl, you sure are cute to me
Come up a little closer, so I can see
Hold it baby now stay right where you are
Hey little girl you oughta be a movie star

All right…

Hey little girl, come on and dance with me
You’re about the cutest thing I ever did see
Hey little girl, I’d like to take you home
Come on, come on, come on I want you for my very own

All right…hoo!…hoo!..

Hey little girl, you better hang on tight
A-won’t you swing it to the left, and shake it to the right
Hey little girl, you know your lookin’ fine
Get ready honey let’s go just-a one more time

All right…hoo!…hoo!

All right, all right all right….hoo!


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شاعر و آهنگساز: Joy Byers

تاریخ ضبط: 1965/02/25

این ترانه در تاریخ 25 فوریه 1965 ضبط گردید و در فیلم الویس به نام harum scarum  استفاده شد.

و در آلبومی به همین نام منتشر شد.

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