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This Is My Heaven

This Is My Heaven This is my heaven Being here with you Make it last forever This is my heaven It's a dream come true Make it last forever Come to me now And take my hand This is the paradise I plan You're like an angel Sent from up above Let's stay close together You brought me heaven When I shared your love Make it last forever Here 'neath the sky beside the sea This is my heaven When you come to me ...

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This Is Living

This Is Living This is living, full of fun and free This is living, that's the life for me It's good to laugh and sing, don't worry about a thing Wear a happy smile, cut loose and run a mile If you relax and just enjoy it all, life has got to be a ball This is living, full of fun and free This is living, that's the life for me It wouldn't mean a thing If I could be a king I really wouldn't care To be a mill ...

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Thinking About You

Thinking About You I woke up this morning and I tried to call you, mmm But you weren't there and that put me in despair So I thought that maybe I could lose my mind In the countryside so I went for a ride But I never stopped thinking about you Found myself wishing you were there Just to be with me, feel the breeze Sun didn't smile I didn't care I decided to try just one more time To let you know I really lo ...

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They Remind Me Too Much of You

They Remind Me Too Much of You Take away, the scent of flowers Cover up, the sky of blue Close my ears to tender love songs They remind me too much of you Hide young lovers' warm embraces Keep stars and moonlight from my view Let me forget, there are such places They remind me too much of you Must I evermore be haunted? Day after day, my whole life through By the memory of each moment That I spent alone wit ...

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The Wonder Of You

The Wonder Of You    Words & Music by Baker Knight  When no-one else can understand me When everything I do is wrong You give me hope and consolation You give me strength to carry on And you're always there to lend a hand In everything I do That's the wonder The wonder of you And when you smile the world is brighter You touch my hand and I'm a king Your kiss to me is worth a fortune Your love for m ...

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