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Number Eight

Number Eight Here before me... My plain soul, Here in my hands I hold the money that makes it play. Well, I play these numbers, when I feel blue Oh, yes at times.. when I, I am blue Number Eight, twenty-nine, She's gone, no she's mine Number Eight, twenty-three, To my heart she'll hold the key Number Eight, seventeen, Darlin' you, you are my queen Oh yes at times when I, I feel blue Number Eight, twenty-nin ...

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Nothingville Nothingville Only just a two-bit town Where nothing's real They treat me like a country clown Nothingville I ain't gonna keep-a-hangin' round' The doors keep slammin' in my face People keep puttin' me in my place It's a rat's race at a snail's pace Nothingville...Nothingville Nothingville.....   بشنوید و دانلود کنید  ↓ [jwplayer player="1" mediaid="11317"]  دانلود ______________________________ ...

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No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car

(There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car This was gonna be the night tonight I was gonna get to hold you tight But I guess we didn't plan it right I never stood a chance, we couldn't dance Cause there's , no room to rhumba in a sports car You can't move forward or back There's no room to do what the beat tells you to Without throwing your spine outta wack When a little kiss I want to steal I hit my head ...

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No More

No More   No more, do I see the starlight caress your hair هرگز بیش از این ، آیا درخشش نور ستاره ها  بر روی گیسوانت را میبینم؟ No more, feel the tender kisses we used to share هر گز بیش از این ، بوسه های شیرینی که با هم داشتیم را احساس میکنم؟ I close my eyes and clearly my heart remembers چشمانم را میبندم و به روشنی بیاد می آورم A thousand goodbyes could never put out the embers که صد بار وداع   هم نتو ...

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Night Rider

Night Rider Night rider, night rider You may think that it's the breeze Whispering through the lonely trees But it's only him a'flying round the bend As the day comes to that end Night rider, night rider He came riding to town As the sun was going down Saw my baby and he smiled her heart away Now what will I do today Cautioned my baby to stay at home Not to leave mama's side She laughed when I told her take ...

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