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Loving You

Loving You I will spend my whole life through loving you, loving you. Winter, summer, spring-time, too, loving you, loving you. Makes no difference where I go or what I do. You know that I'll always be loving you. If I'm seen with someone new, don't be blue, don't be blue. I'll be faithful I'll be true; always true, true to you. There is only one for me, and you know who. You know that I'll always be loving ...

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Loving Arms

Loving Arms If you could see me now The one who said that he would rather roam The one who said he'd rather be alone If you could only see me now If I could hold you now Just for a moment, if I could really make you mine Just for a while turn back the hands of time If I could only hold you now 'Cause I've been too long in the wind Too long in the rain Takin' any comfort that I can Looking back and longing f ...

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Love Song Of The Year

Love Song Of The Year I used to laugh when I should cry I used to let these feelings pass me by But now that I believe them I got no-one to leave them to me You see I traded love for what I thought must be free So I confess my loneliness And I guess I've lost the best of the year That I have lost it through my fingers like a golden breath of air If I cared I wouldn't be singing this love song of the year I ...

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Lover Doll

Lover Doll Lover doll, oh lover doll Lover doll, lover doll You're the cutest lover doll That I ever did ever see Let me tell you lover doll You were meant, just meant for me On the first time that I saw you How I fell for your cuddly charms Lover doll I'm crazy for you Let me rock you in my arms I'm so glad I found you Never thought dollies came full grown I'm gonna tie a ribbon around you Wrap you up and ...

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Love Me Tonight

Love Me Tonight May this tenderness cling When the fire of Spring Is a memory May you still be my own When a hundred years have flown But if it can't be Give this moment to me While our dream is bright Put your sweet arms around me And love me tonight Love me tonight Let me feel your lips on mine And though I pray Forever and a day I'll be Possessing you I'll confess to you If I knew that our love would be ...

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